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The role of a CABL mentor is to share her or his legal knowledge and experience with a CABL law student, articling student or junior lawyer. By revealing the realities of the job market and the expectations of the profession, mentors contribute to the success of CABL’s most junior members.


CABL’s mentors are lawyers in good standing who have agreed to offer guidance and the benefit of their experience to CABL members who are at the start of their careers.

Mentor’s Commitment

Our mentors commit to a one-year mentoring relationship and are expected to meet, preferably in person, with their mentees once every quarter. They are also expected to aid mentees with the following:

  • understanding the culture of the legal profession,
  • building civility and professionalism,
  • communicating effectively,
  • thinking critically,
  • meeting professional demands,
  • identifying strengths and areas for improvement,
  • drafting resumes,
  • interviewing techniques,
  • identifying and enhancing marketable skills,
  • exploring different areas of law,
  • exploring career alternatives,
  • establishing career short and long-term career goals,
  • searching for a job, and
  • networking.

If you would like to learn more about being a mentor, please contact the CABL Mentoring Program Coordinator at

To apply to become a mentor, please submit an application form.



Mentees must be CABL members in good standing.

Mentee’s Commitment

Mentees are responsible for establishing and maintaining contact with their mentors. They are also expected to prepare relevant issues for discussion with their mentors.

It is not a mentor’s role to provide legal advice.

For more information about the mentorship program, please contact the CABL Mentor Program Coordinator at

To request a mentor, please submit an application form.